Thursday, May 22, 2014

Throw Back Thursday Stories - My First Time

It was the summer that I had discovered boys.  

Mom had saved up money and decided to surprise us with a trip to Walt Disney World.  

Greyhound and Trailways were having issues at that time.  We had to ride a bus down to the Cincinnati train terminal.  Suitcases in the aisle of the bus were our seats.

It was a long train ride down to Charlottesville, Virginia.  We were going to visit a family friend who was going to then drive us to Washington, D.C. to get back on the train.

Once again we were on the train.  As we crossed a major river, we were told not to go the bathroom.  Something about polluting the river.

Finally we had reached our destination.  We were in Orlando, Florida!  At that time, I didn't know that 5 years later I would be arriving in Orlando via plane for a life changing experience.

We only visited Epcot and Magic Kingdom.  Disney MGM was only a year old and not on our list.  Animal Kingdom was only in the minds of the Imagineers. 

My sister would make me mad because her stomach hurt and we had to leave Epcot early one day.  Argh!  

Our meal of choice was hot dogs on Main Street, USA.

Me in front of the fountain in Epcot

A few days later, we would be back on the train heading home.  The boy crazy me would be in heaven.  There were boy scouts from Livemore, California on the train.  I spent a lot of time in their car talking to them.  I would become pen pals with one of them.  In 1990, Facebook was not invented and Internet was in it's infancy stage.

Thank you mom for taking us to Walt Disney World in August of 1990.  It began a life long obsession and love for that place.  

(I wrote this blog post because my niece and nephew just visited WDW for the first time last week.)

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  1. That sounds like quite an adventure! Thanks for sharing your story today.


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