Monday, May 26, 2014

Listicles - 10 TV shows I wish were still on TV (videos included)

This week's listicles is what would watch if I had the remote.  Since I don't watch too much tv, I decided to do a list of shows I wish would come back.

1.  Friends

I love love love this show.  It's so funny!  I've watched each episode each at least 10 times.

2.  A Different World

This is another show that I absolutely love.  I've watched every episodes several times.  

This show touched on many topics that were heavy topics - rape, underage drinking, and the riots in L.A. for example.  The writers did a great job with these topics.  

My favorite characters are Dwayne and Whitley.  In fact, my favorite episode is when Dwayne crashes Whitley's wedding.
(I've included a clip from that episode.)

3.  Boy Meets World

I love the antics of Shawn and Cory.  The romance between Cory and Topanga is so sweet.  Mr. Feeny is an epic teacher.  He really cares for the main characters.

My favorite memory with that show is when I was working in Walt Disney World.  The Saturday after Thanksgiving in 1995 I had a disagreement with one of my roommates.  Since I was not scheduled to work, I decided to visit Disney MGM Studios (now Hollywood Studios).  Rider Strong and Ben Savage put their handprints into the concrete in front of the Chinese Theater (Great Movie Ride) and then had a talk at Beauty and Beast show area.  I sat behind Ben Savage's family.  (This was during the 3rd season of Boy Meets World.)

I can't wait until Girl Meets World comes out.

4.  CSI:  New York

I've watched CSI and it's spin offs.  I don't watch them on tv.  Instead I will watch them off of the CBS website.  My 2 favorites of the CSI's are the original (miss Grissom) and New York.  My favorite character from CSI:  New York is Mac Taylor. 

5.   Home Improvement

I didn't watch all the episodes but would watch it as soon as I would get home from school.  Then I would do my homework after watching an episode of Home Improvement.

6.  Golden Girls

Blanche, Dororthy, Rose, and Sophia are hilarious!  

7.  Family Matters

Steve Urkell was the ultimate nerd.  It's been many years since the show was on the air.  People still remember the character of Steve Urkell.  In fact, we had a nerd day as part of our spring spirit week.  We were told to dress like Steve Urkell.

8.  Saved By the Bell

This is another classic sitcom from the 90's.  The shows were funny.  You never knew what kind of trouble Zach was going to get into. 

9.  Unsolved Mysteries

My grandma and I used to watch this show together.

10.  Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

This is another show I watched with my grandma.

I know some of these shows are on tv in syndication. 

If I had a choice, this is what I would be watching on tv.

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  1. You've got a great list! To add to that I would say Cosby Show and Family Ties. And M*A*S*H.


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