Friday, May 16, 2014

It was the Fall of '95 (Walk Through Memory Lane)

Do you ever wish you could back in time to relive a part of your life?  If only for a moment or two.  I often I wish I could go back to the fall of '95.  Not all of the time there was perfect but there are special memories that I would love to relive.  It is a time of my life that I will talk about until my dying day.  

When we were down in Disney, we took an evening to visit some of the places I only see in my mind.  I finally have pictures of those places.

I'm going to take you on a virtual tour of places I spent my free time while I was part of the college program in 1995.

In my previous post, I wrote about visiting Vista Way.  When I was there, there wasn't much within walking distance.  Now there is a lot around there.  (Wish I got a picture of how much it has developed.  I've left some thing pictures to take next time I visit Disney.)

I would take the Mears transportation system to Publix to grocery shop.  Once one of my friends and I mini golfed at a local minature golf course and then went to Publix to get food so I could cook a meal when we got back 

We might have gone past the place we mini golfed but I'm not sure.  I don't have pictures of the place but I do have a picture of a sign of Publix that might have been the one I shopped at.

The one place I spent  a lot of time at was Downtown Disney.  It was close and accessible from where I lived.  I would shop there, watch movies, and spent evenings.

The Disney Christmas was one place I shopped  while down there.  Before I left to go home, I bought some ornaments from that store.

The World of Disney was another place I shopped.   When we were there on our vacation, we shopped there.  I found a great saddle bag that fit my water bottle and my big camera.  It was the best deal at $20.  I carry it everywhere now.

Pleasure Island was free on a certain night of the week if you were part of the International College Program or the College Program.  Even though I was 20 when I was down there, I still took advantage of that deal.

I ate at Planet Hollywood once.  I also have a shirt that is from Planet Hollywood that I occasionally.

Finally I would go to this AMC movie theater.  I spent an awful lot of time watching movies.  Some of the movies were Powder, Moonlight and Valentino, and Get Shorty.  Actually I fell asleep during Get Shorty.  I had watched another movie right before I "ran" into my French roommate, Celine.  She had a free ticket and I decided to go see Get Shorty.  It ended up boring me that I ended up falling asleep.

Thank you, Hubby for allowing me to take a walk through my memories.  He made plans for our first day that allowed me to revisit places I remember fondly.  I was able to get pictures that I never had.  Now I have pictures to share with my future grandchildren.  I know my future grandchildren will tire of these stories but those four months helped shape me to be the person I am.

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