Friday, May 23, 2014

Five For Friday - Space Fest

Last weekend, we attended the Space Fest at the National Museum of the United States Air Force.  It''s an annual event that we've attended for the past few years.  

Here are 5 reasons you should attend the Space Fest at the Air Force Museum.

1.  You might meet Star Wars characters.

2.  You might get to make cool crafts that teach you more about space.

3.  You might get to visit space.

4.  You might get to see astronauts.  

5.  You might get a ring that was printed on a 3-D printer.

I was talking to a relative about how we visited Space Fest.  She told me that she saw the boys on  the news on Saturday.  I've been trying to find a copy of that video.  Know-It-All is the most excited about knowing that he was on tv.

We wish we could have made the model rocket and launched it.  The line to make a model rocket was l-o-n-g.  Crazy One was impatient so we didn't stand in that line.  Plus the weather was yucky.  There's always next year.

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