Friday, May 16, 2014

Five for Friday - May 16

1.  Making a student feel Pharrell Williams' Happy.  

One of my students could not write a sentence without guidance from a teacher at the beginning of the year.  With modeling and continual practice throughout the school year, he worked on the skill throughout the year.  Yesterday he wrote a complete sentence without my help.  I made him feel like a rock star.  

He told me that I made him feel like the Happy song.

2.  Seeing the deer in the downtown of the city I live 10 to 15 miles from  

Wednesday morning was a dreary morning.  As I was driving through downtown, there was a doe standing/walking in the right lane.  It finished crossing the road and just stood at the top of the hill that goes down toward the bank of the river.  It was so neat seeing that deer.  I was grateful that there was lightish traffic on the road so it was not hit.

3.  Seeing irises everywhere  

I started writing my listicles for next Monday.  It's going to be about my maternal grandma.  She loved irises.  After starting that post, I have seen irises the last 3 days in different areas of town.  Makes me smile when I see them. 

4.  Lunch being provided for the last two days 

Yesterday the secretaries in the building provided the teachers with walking tacos.  Yum!  Today our principal had our lunch catered.  We had chicken, green beans, mac and cheese, rolls, and the best peach cobbler ever.  It was a delicious lunch and a nice break from the students.  

5.  Crazy One growing almost an inch and gaining back the weight he had lost

Crazy One is one small dude.  He had a rough late fall/winter this year.  He was sick in November, January, February, and March.  Grandpa died in December.  When we went to his last appointment in February, he had lost almost 2 pounds which is not good.  We attributed it to the sicknesses and the stress of losing his grandpa.  Hubby and I have been encouraging him to eat.  When he went in his appointment, he had gained back the weight and had grown.  Yeah!  

His brother on the other hand has gained 7 pounds and grown 2 to 3 inches in the last 7 months.  It's funny how siblings can have different body types.

Sometimes it's nice to reflect on what you are grateful.  It could be something small or something huge.  Life can move crazy fast.  It can be stressful.  Taking a minute or 2 to reflect on the good things that have happened during the day can help you realize it's not all that bad.

Have a great weekend!

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