Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Finish This Week 19 (#1 for me) - May 14, 2014

Happy Wednesday!
This pic was taken last night on the way back home from Know-It-All's Kung Fu's lesson.

I've decided to try something new.  I have prompts that I am to finish.  

Let's get started!

1.  A lesson I learned from my mom - To take chances.  Almost 20 years ago, my mom visited the community college I was attended.  I had worked in the Cooperative Education office for a quarter.  One of the directors had gone to church with my grandparents.  She was visiting him and saw the sign about the Disney College Program  That evening, she came home and suggested I interview for the College Program.  I ended up being selected to participate in the College Program.  

2.  To burn calories  I tend to walk more than doing any other exercises.  

I walk as fast as I can from my classroom that is isolated and in Siberia (far away from the other classrooms) to the other classrooms.  If I am really pressed for time, I walk even faster.  I also park far from the front door to get more exercise.

3. My best hair day was . . .  Any time I get my hair cut by my hair stylist.  She's been cutting my hair for years so she knows my hair.  

I love this style.  It's easy to take care of which is good.  

Funny story:  I got my hair cut about 2 weeks ago.  On Monday, I came back to school.  Two of my students thought I had gotten highlights in my hair.  I had only gotten a hair cut.  Too funny!

4.  I'm grateful for The ability to capture memories through pictures.  The boys look at the pictures and are able to recall memories.  It begins a discussion which is totally awesome.

I'm also grateful for sunrises and sunsets.  Sunrises and sunsets remind me about the beauty God has created.  

Totally off subject:

I have discovered various routes for my commute to and from work.  All routes take about the same amount of time.  I see different things during my commute.  Today's morning commute was through the city.  As I was driving down one of the city roads, a doe was standing in the middle of the far right lane.  It was as though the doe had been visiting the Orville and Wilbur Wright and Wright B. Flyer statue and was crossing the road to get to Riverscape and then down the bank to the river.  After it finished crossing the street, it stopped at the grassy area to watch the traffic.  So strange to see a deer in the downtown area.  I only wished I had a place to stop so I could get a picture.

Next week's prompts are:

  • My favorite recipe is . . . 
  • I believe in . . . 
  • I need to set boundaries . . .
  • I began living when . . .

It's your turn to complete these prompts.  Please complete these prompts in my comments.


  1. WELCOME, TRACI!!!!! I'm so glad you joined us for the Finish This link up. Your mom is a very wise lady to encourage you to take chances. I'm so blessed to have my mom, she's taught me so many lessons -- it's hard to name just one. Be blessed today. xo, Nicole (co-host)

  2. Thanks! That was chance that I'm extremely thankful for. I will forever tell about the that experience.

    Have a great week.

  3. Making my way over via the link up to say hello. :) I agree with you 100% on hair. Mine looks best when styled, hah


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