Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Disney - Day 1 (Pics and Videos) - Traveling and a Walk through Memory Lane

I'm not going to talk about our drive down to Disney on Saturday, March 29th.  It rained all of the way from home until Knoxville, Tennessee - 6 hours straight.  Yuck!!!!!

The boys decided the hotel we stayed at gave out complimentary Free Hot Bananas instead free hot breakfasts.  LOL!  It became our inside joke.

On the 30th, we left Cordele, Georgia and drove down to Disney.  Since we were not able to attend church, we played Chris Tomlin and got our worship on.  I don't know if the boys thought it was a wonderful thing or not.

As we drove, we saw this truck.  Yeah, coffee!!

When we got to the Florida Welcome Center, Know-It-All decided he loved fresh squeezed orange juice.  He had about 4 glasses of complimentary juice.  Crazy One was fascinated with the pay phones.  He tried to get money out of all of the phones.  It didn't work though.  

A little bit later, we stopped at another rest stop to get out the food for our lunch.  Know-It-All did not like they had a sign that said poisonous snakes.  It should have read venomous snakes.  

There was more stop we needed to make before getting on the toll roads which was to get gas.  Right next to the gas station was a store that sold fresh citrus fruits.  Know-It-All and I enjoyed the free samples.  He tried to convince me that I need to buy a miniature orange tree.

Finally we made it to my favorite sign and vacation spot.  I had tears in my eyes because it was like I was home.

First stop was to get checked in to our hotel.  We stayed at All Star Movies - Fantasia.  The boys loved the big make believe suitcases outside the check in/out area.  They decided it was their bags full of books.

Next stop was to go visit Vista Way.  We were unable to get to see where I actually lived but we did have to drive a little bit on the property to make a u-turn.  Hubby made sure we went really slow so I could experience being at Vista Way once more.

Then we went to Sam's Club to get a few items.  Afterwards we went back to the hotel, unpacked some of our luggage, and then went to wait for our first Disney bus.  

So where was our first stop?  It was to Downtown Disney.  The first song I heard was "Colors of the Wind."  When I worked at Soundstage Restaurant, that song was played over and over again.  Once again I felt as though I was home.

We traveled to the Grand Floridian via the Disney transportation bus.  During my Traditions (orientation), we had to travel to the Grand Floridian as though we were tourists.  I hadn't been there since September of '95.  They had a big band playing with a couple dancing in the lobby area.  So sweet.  We also got to hear a pianist playing on the grand piano in the lobby.  

Afterwards we rode on the monorail to the Magic Kingdom area and then took the bus back to the hotel.  The boys swam and watched part of Bolt on the screen behind the main pool area.

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