Sunday, March 16, 2014

Random Pictures From When I Worked in Disney

After I worked in Disney, I lived with my grandparents for 8 months until I went to Wright State University.  Then I moved out.  All of my memorabilia was left in my old bedroom.

In 2007, my grandma fell and broke her leg.  Family had to sort through all of her possessions and my memorabilia had to be moved into my house.  

I've gone through some of the memorabilia from time to time when nostaliga hits me.  However, I only go through the top layer of the trunk/box it is located in.  Today I dug down all the way down to the bottom.  Boy did I find a treasure.  

This is my friend Molly.  We both worked for Soundstage Restaurant.  Unfortunately we lost track of each other.  I've thought of her from time to time.  Today I contacted her and we spoke for an hour.  It was as though no time had passed.

These next 6 pictures are of the Vista Way Complex

The Clubhouse's Hot Tub

The Clubhouse's pool

The Clubhouse and ATM (People are standing in front of the ATM.)

Another View of the Clubhouse

Tennis Court

Parking Lot, Building, and Mail Boxes

The next pictures are my apartment building.  I lived in 802 and of the laundry room in my building.  As you will see, the laundry was actually in the walkway area. Near where you will see stairs was where the pay phone was.  If I wanted to call home, I either had to call collect or use a phone card from a pay phone.  We had a phone in our apartment but it was for local calls only.  I actually found a note that my grandma sent me.  She had included a phone card so I could call my mom on her birthday.

This is from the Cast Celebration.  We got a discount on merchandise during a certain time period.  They also had special events for Cast Members during the holidays.  One was taking a picture.  Hubby did not particularly like my hair style when he saw this picture.

I got my favorite Pumbaa stuffed animal while in Walt Disney World.  I still have it to this day.

These all of the students from my college who participated in the college program.  I'm in the far back, right corner right next to the flag.  The young man who was right in front of me is Joe from Traditions.  He also flew home on the same flight as me.

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