Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Roommates part 1

After that first week at Disney, I started the work-free time cycle. As I posted in a previous blog post, I was assigned to work at Soundstage Restaurant in Disney MGM Studios. I also worked at 2 other places but I'll save that for a different blog post.

I was fortunate to live with Internationals and one American in apt. 802 at Vista Way.

Lisa was from England. She lived in the area close to where my grandpa was stationed during World War I I. We shared a bedroom but I didn't know a lot about her. One thing I do remember is her drinking tea and eating biscuits. What I didn't know was that biscuits a sort of cookie. She left in mid December to go home. When she left, she left her clock with big numbers on it. I grabbed it up and still have it to this day.

Allesandro was from Roma, Italy. We did not get along at all. She thought I was a lazy American who relied too much on microwave. I do have a story about her. We wanted to return a corded phone but didn't know where the phone was from. We ended up at Target (my first time there).  They ended up allowing us to return the phone. While there Alessandro found a bikini in the clearance area. Once we got home, she tried it on and lifted her arms. Hairy armpit alert. Grossed me out as a person who cannot stand to have even a little bit of armpit hair (I know TMI).  Cultural shock. She moved out Thanksgiving weekend.

Kim was from Bentonville, Arkansas. She is another one I don't know much about. She did not spend much time in the apartment. (Her hometown is known for being Walmart's headquarters.)

After Lisa moved out I got another roommate. She was from China. I don't remember her name but do know it began with X.  She was in her late 20's and married with a son. China does not allow International Cast Members come over to the USA unless they are married and with achild because they will be more willing to return to China. Her husband was in Japan teaching English. Her son was with her parents. She spoke fast. Conversations that might take us 30 minutes might take her 5 minutes.

X bought lots of fresh veggies and a 20 p pound bag of rice. Her fresh veggies took over the fridge. Cultural Shock because we certainly didn't cook like that.

Until next time what you'll meet Celine and Sandra - thetwo roommates who I spent a lot of time with,

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