Monday, March 3, 2014

My First Week in Disney

So now that I was home, what was I going to do.  None of my roommates were home but somehow I figured out where my bedroom was going to be.  I was in the middle bedroom with Lisa who was from England.

First I unpacked (ok I might have unpacked because I was too excited) and then went out and made new friends.

Somehow in those first few days down there, I found myself in the backstage area of Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  I had a security guard almost not allow me into the backstage area of Magic Kingdom because I had not been Traditions (orientation) yet.  I did not have my Disney ID at that point.  The person I was with assured him that he was going to take me straight to the public's area of Magic Kingdom.

I also found out I was going to be working at Disney-MGM Studios at Soundstage Restaurant.  (It's now the Playhouse Disney Show near the Little Mermaid show.)  I had wanted to work at the dinosaur on Echo Lake.  

Then I had Traditions which was our orientation.  They gave out little plastic figurines of different Disney characters when you answered questions correctly.  I got one for calling Disney MGM Studios by it's full name.

I remember them telling us to make every guests' experience Magical.  They played Beauty and the Beasts' "Be Our Guest."  That's how we were treat the guests.

Then we went incognito and pretend to be guests visiting the park.  I was paired up with another college program student from Sinclair and one from Wright State.  Joe and I are about the same height and Bob was six foot tall.  We decided Joe and I were Bob's parents.  It was one of those "You had to be there moments."

We visited the the Polynesian, monorail, Grand Floridian, rode on a small boat across the lake, and then into the Magic Kingdom.  While at the Grand Floridian, we got to see a bride getting ready for her wedding.  So cool!

After Traditions, I met up with my manager at Soundstage Restaurant.  And I got my work schedule.

This was me trying to figure out how much I was going to make for that week.  I must have been making $5.60 an hour and was going to work for 38 and a half hours.  

My adventure was just beginning. 

To be continued . . . 

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