Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Flock of Seagulls

No I'm not talking about the 80's group:

Last Friday, I was doing my arrival duty (yes I said duty) which is greeting the walkers and car riders.  Suddenly the students were rushing into the building or just staring at the sky.  At least 20 or so sea gulls were circling the teacher/visitor parking lot.

Students were scared they were going to hurt them.  Or they were confused on why the birds were circling the parking lot.  I wish I had a picture of some of their expressions.  

I had to reassure them that unless they were holding food or were food, the gulls would leave them alone.  They are aggressive but it's when they are see food and trying to get the food.

Those sea gulls were on a mission.  They were hungry.  Now the question, why were they by my school.  We have bodies of water about five miles away or the Great Miami River is ten miles away.  We hadn't had a big rain so there was no puddles.

I'm guessing they were migrating to the Great Lakes because it was a whole bunch of them.

Also on Friday, I saw five deer by the entrance of the drive way to the school's complex on my way into work.  Then on my way home, I saw a group of Air Force soldiers doing tactical training in the local university woods.  

The sea gulls.  Not all of them were in the air.  Some were over the building and others were on the ground.  I didn't want to get any of the students' faces in the picture so I just took a picture of the gulls in the air.

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