Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Phrases I'm so tired of hearing

I teach at a middle school. Enough said right.

My room is in Siberia. I'm the only real classroom in that hallway. There is a classroom across from my room but it's used for Girl Scouts, band in the morning, and Occupational Therapy a couple of days a week. My real closest neighbors are the custodians. So my room is in Siberia.

I see my students throughout the day and then during lunch times I'll see other students. Really I hear other students when they are suppose to be going to the restroom. Instead they think they are at a sporting event and they need to whoop and holler. I feel we should be playing "We will rock you" or "We are the Champions" because obviously we must have to be winning at whatever sort game we are playing because there is so much excitement going on in that hallway.

When I tell them to go back to the cafeteria you would think I was asking them to perform brain surgery or something else very difficult. I'm insulting them. I'm being extra. Extra what? Extra sweet, extra mean.  In reality I really don't know.

Anyway I hear two phases a lot and it's getting tiresome to say the least.
  1. Can you get him or her?  Orr some variation of that phrase. I don't know what they want me to do once I got the person. So annoying. Especially when you are  asking them to go to class.and they keeping telling you to get the person. I've got to deal with you first and then I'll deal with they other person. I'm thinking in my head "Just go to class or the cafeteria."
  2. Your bald headed grandma - That's the catch phrase of two of my students.  There must have be a lot of grandma's running around with bald heads.  It's like that's the only comeback they can come up with.  Or they will say "Your messed up hairline."  They have some weird obsession with hair.
I always have said "I could write a book based on my experiences as a teacher."  Sometimes its like you are in the Twilight Zone.

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