Saturday, December 15, 2012


There is a feeling of sadness over the tragedy in Connecticut.

As a teacher, I am absolutely heartbroken.  My classroom is connected to the office - one door goes to the main hallway and the other goes to the office.  I keep the office door locked 99% of the time.  I'm so glad I keep that habit.

Then my thought goes to what would I do with my students.  I don't have that many students at a time - 8 at the most.  However, I have only one tiny closet/cabinet.  I have 2 portable cabinets but they aren't places you could hide.  The tiny closet/cabinet couldn't hide anyone.  Plus it's behind my cramped desk area.  The area behind my desk would be the only place to hide.  However I have fifth and sixth graders at the time the shootings occurred.  They're bigger so not all of them would be able to hide in that cramp place.  (Plus they would fuss about people touching them or they would want to know what is going on - they are nosey like that.) 

Then I think of the innocent boy who sat in my room during my lunch time.  He is a Jehoveh's Witness and doesn't celebrate Christmas or birthdays.  His class was going to the holiday shop and was celebrating a birthday.  I told the teacher that he could sit in my room.  He sat there and colored. 

My thoughts then go to my two boys.  They are between the ages of the students that were at that school.  What if happened here?  There are 1,600 kids at their school!  (I think that's how many students are there.)

I know I can't dwell on it.  But as a teacher and parent, it really hits home.  What would I do?

So many innocent lives gone.  Please pray for their families, first responders, teachers, and staff in that town.  They need lots of prayers. 

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