Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Laugh 5 times a day

This is my goal for the upcoming school year.

Last week while we were in Chicago, I attended a conference.  One of the talks I participated in was about tips and tricks on how to deal with middle school students.  Two great pieces of advice I took from him were "Not to take anything personal." and "Laugh at least 5 times during the day."  These are kids who do and say the silliest things.

My goal for this next year while dealing with 7th graders is take those two pieces of advice and utilize them.  I want to go through my massive picture collection and see if I can find a funny pictures.  Then I want to go to PicMonkey and type the words "Laugh 5 times a day" on the picture.  

I tend to take things so personal and if I just remember God called me to be a  teacher.  I have made a difference in students' lives.

Now onto a group of Olympic Athletes who are serious while performing their talent but have realized it's also important to let their hair down and blow off steam.  Crazy One and I watch this video and just laugh at the United States swimming team.

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