Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Crazy One and Know-it-All love to tell me jokes.  Here are some of their favorites:

Q:  If there are moats around castles, what do cows have around their castles?
A:  Moo-ts

Q:  What is a duck's favorite snack?
A:  Quack-ers

Q:  Why is 6 afraid of 7?
A:  7 ate (8) 9

Q:  What did the gorilla say after he stole a hamburger?
A:  Gorilla (Grill) me another hamburger.

Q:  Why did the ketchup lose the race?
A:  Because he couldn't catch up

Q:  What did the ant say when he was hurt?
A:  Can you call the ant-bulance?

Person 1:  Knock-knock.
Person 2:  Who's there?
Person 1:  Boo
Person 2:  Boo who?
Person 1:  Stop your crying.  It's only a joke.

Q:  Why did the turkey run across the road?
A:  It was Thanksgiving.

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