Sunday, August 12, 2012


No, I'm not talking about the fruit. 

Crazy One has a few favorite types of toys.  If you ask him what he wants for Christmas or his birthday, his answer is usually going to be a Hot Wheel (only the name brand will suffice) or a stuffed animal.  His obsession with stuffed animals began with a dollar spot dragon from Target.  Baby Dragon was his name.  About two years ago, Dobby discovered it had eyes that could be chewed off.  During the night, Dobby attacked Baby Dragon and devastated Crazy One. 

Every once in a while, Crazy One will start talking Baby Dragon with a hint of sadness in his voice. 

Since the destruction of Baby Dragon, Crazy One has been obsessed with stuffed animals.  He will constantly ask for them when we are out and about.  Most of the time, the answer is a resounding no.  Occasionally his wish is granted.

He plays with them as though they are real live animals/friends.  When thunderstorms occur, he will talk to them to help himself cope with the situation.  He sleeps with them.  In fact, he stayed at his grandma's for a week.  He took 5 to 10 of his stuffed animals to sleep and play with.  They are his friends.

Bananas is his newest stuffed animal.  Every year our local library has a summer reading program that both boys participate in.  Crazy One finished the first part and half of the second part.  After the first part, they put their name in a bucket and earn a prize.  When they finish the second part, they put their name in a bucket and get a free book.  They then draw names for prizes after the summer reading program concludes.  Crazy One's name was drawn so he ended up with a bag full of goodies - a t-shirt, pencil, cup, notepad, and Bananas.  Bananas is a monkey.

During the past week, I've learned that Bananas takes baths in bananas.  He also was watched by his uncle, Know-it-All.  Bananas has visited Crazy One's martial arts camp (didn't get out of the car though) because he had never been there before.  Crazy One talked to him all the way to the camp.  He has also helped him while it was raining.  There was a possibility of a storm while we were driving home the other day.  Crazy One told him that it was going to be okay.  I love how he's learning how to cope with situations that make him uncomfortable.

Welcome Bananas to Crazy One's army of stuffed animals.  You will be loved as a friend of his.

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