Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to Interrupt Church

Hubby is in charge of the acolytes at church. Today he looks at the bulletin and notices the child who was supposed to acolyte wasn't there. So he looks around the room while another teen was covering his face with his bulletin to avoid being asked to acolyte. Finally he decides Know-it-All was finally old enough to acolyte so he quickly trains him.

Meanwhile Crazy One has been wiggling a very loose tooth. It's about ready just to fall out. His aunt kept telling him that she was going to pull it out. And if he wasn't going to let her to do that, he just needed pull it out.

First hymn starts and Know-It-All walks up the aisle to the altar. Once he start lighting the candles, Crazy One decides it time to pull that tooth out. He walks up to me with a bloody mouth and a tooth in his hand. I did not get to finish watching Know-It-All light the altar candles because I needed to get Crazy One to the bathroom.  I told Crazy One to come with me. Instead he sat down at his seat while cleaning his mouth off with his clean polo shirt.

Finally I get him to the bathroom and helped clean up. I handed him a wet paper towel and told him to suck on it so that he could get all the blood cleaned out of his mouth. He told me no because he would look like a weirdo. We compromised with a handful of dry paper towels.

All the while, I'm holding said tooth in my hand and trying to figure out what I was going to do with it. Then I remembered I had a change area in my purse so I put it in there for safe keeping. Otherwise I would have to hold it during the rest of church.

Back to Know-It-All and his acolyting (is that even a word?), he did great on half of the holding the basket for the communion cups. Then he stood in front of his cousins for the other half. He decided he was going to start miming drinking communion wine/grape juice and throwing the cup into the basket. So much for being reverent during communion.

The rest of the church went smooth. It was just those few moments that church was interrupted. Maybe not for everyone. But it was for me.

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