Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello, Mr. Sting Ray!

Another long lasting memory we created at the zoo involves the new Sting Ray Bay.  We got there at the right time because it was feeding time.  We were able to get a small container of feed for the boys so they could feed them.

Crazy One kept putting the small fish in the water and swishing it around.  Then a sting ray kept trying to get the fish.  Crazy One also kept dropping the fish into the water and then picking them up. 

The funniest one was Know-It-All's experience with feeding the sting ray.  This HUGE (at least as big as Crazy One's torso) sting ray came up to him.  He kept dropping the fish and picking it up.  The sting ray was going to get that fish no matter what.  Mr. Sting Ray almost came flying out of the tank trying to get the fish from Know-It-All.  Finally after a long struggle, Mr. Sting Ray captured his prey.

The smile on Know-It-All's face was priceless.  I know he will have memories of feeding a sting ray for a long time.  Just this experience was worth the admission to the zoo.

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