Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Forget Fashion From Paris

The boys had a simple task.  They were suppose to pack clothes.  Yeah, right!  Crazy One brought me random clothes that did not match.  I finally had to have him bring me his clothes' crates so I could do the task properly.

Know-It-All was way worse with his packing.  He came out with at least ten piles of random clothing and junk.  As I sorted through the mess, I found many pairs of jeans or nice pants, Hubby's clothes, shoes, my clothes, winter clothes, very few shorts, shirts, and some underwear.  Okay, the jeans and nice pants were not needed.  It's been record breaking heat around here.  He can't wear Hubby's or my clothes because well they can't fit.  Finally after about a million hours (okay not really that long), he was able to pack his clothes.

THEN they decided Crazy One needed to have a crazy fashion show.  He would come out with random clothes on.  And he found household items to use as accessories.  Each time he came out, his outfits were crazier and crazier.  Know-It-All was his fashion designer.  Finally Know-It-All got into the action.

His outfits were as outrageous as Crazy One.  Maybe even more so.  After their fashion show, they entertained us with a concert using various household items such as pans and toys as drums.  They also sang us made up songs such as "It's a Great Time" or "The Gibberish Song."

That was yesterday.  Today was a new day and they had another fashion show but not before Know-It-All decided to be the Underwear Bandit.  He goes around stealing people's underwear and will one day rule the WORLD!  

During today's fashion show, they took a film camera sans film and pretended to take pictures while the other one posed.  Too funny!

I love how they can be creative and use their imagination for a little fun.  Much better than watching TV which is one of the Crazy One's favorite activities. 

We were able to laugh which is good for the soul and create a memory.

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