Monday, July 16, 2012

Don't have a staring contest with a snake . . .

Know-It-All's birthday was last week.  He got to pick what he wanted to do to celebrate his birthday.  However, he couldn't decide what he wanted to do.  "I don't know," was his answer.  Finally I suggested the zoo because he could learn new information about animals there.  "Yeah!" was his response so we were getting somewhere.

Hubby was suppose to work but got the day off!  It was nice to have a family outing because we were able to bond and create long lasting memories.

This is one of these memories. . .  Crazy One is into staring contests.  He tries to have them with hot dogs (true story), flamingos, lizards, and bearded dragons.  When we went to an animal encounters show about snakes, they asked for a volunteer for a staring contest with a snake.  NO ONE raised their hand to volunteer (I wonder why) so I raised Crazy One's hand.  He seriously tried to have the staring contest with the ball python.  However he wasn't told this one fact, snakes don't have eyelids instead they have translucent membranes that cover the eyeballs.

He was not going to win that contest at all.  Then they brought out a glass lizard (looks like a snake) and he won the staring contest with the glass lizard.  Sweet!

(Glass lizards were used in Indiana Jones when he was in the pit of snakes.  Cool little fact!)

(The first picture is him having the staring contest with the ball python.  The second picture is him having a staring contest with the glass lizard.)

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