Friday, July 27, 2012

Don't Forget the Requests

Today we had 7 boys and 4 girls in attendance who all participated in the children's message.

Pastor:  Have you ever been on a vacation?  Where did you go?

Oldest girl:  Michigan

Little Boy 1:  Massachusetts

Little Boy 2:  Aunt Andy's house.

Crazy 1:  Tomorrow mom and dad are going to Chicago and two other states.  (I guess Chicago is a state.)

Pastor continues on with his message.  For the past 3 Sundays, we have prayed for rain because of the drought the United States is experiencing this summer.  Pastor decided to pray for rain once more.

Know-It-All:  Every time it has rained, I keep saying "Pastor prayed for rain."

Crazy One:  Please pray for no storms that hurt anyone.

Little Boy 1:  Pray for no windstorms.

Little Boy 2:  Pray for rainbows.

(I was sitting in the back and didn't hear their exact words.  So I summarized what was said.)

Pastor prays for the rain but forgets the other requests.

Crazy One:  You forgot no storms.

After telling God that he wasn't finished, Pastor begins praying for gentle rain.

Little Boy 1:  Don't forget no windstorms.

Crazy One:  We lost our power for four hours.  (That was during the June 29th derecho.)

Pastor finally got all the requests in and I'm sure God had a little laugh up in heaven.

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