Saturday, July 14, 2012

Characters in my Life (aka my Family)

I created this blog a while ago but haven't done anything with it. So I decided to start blogging on it. Let me introduce you my family.

First of all is Hubby. He's a child at heart who has decided that he is going to be 39 years old until he is a grandpa which is going to be for a long time (if I have any say in it). He loves to show people how he can still do a handstand at his age.

Then there's my oldest. On my cooking blog, he is known as the Imaginative One but in this blog I think I'll call him the Know-It-All. He is my avid reader and loves to learn about everything and anything. Give him a book or money and he's happy.

Next there's my youngest. On my cooking blog, he's known as the Wee One but in this blog he's going to be known as Crazy One. He likes to have everything go his way and if it doesn't go his way then there is a fit to be had. He loves tv (way too much), my Nook so he can play Angry Birds, my phone, Hot Wheels, and Angry Birds.

Lastly is my dog, Dobby, aka Dumb Dog. He's almost eight years old. He is a forever puppy who is fiercely protective of me. If we are walking and Know-It-All or Crazy One is walking him, he will stop in his tracks and refused to move until I am right next to him. He loves walks and car rides.

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