Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Cheese Castle???

So on Wednesday of our trip, we were getting ready to leave Chicago.  However it was 4:30 when we got back to the hotel to pick up our car.  Do you know what that means in a big metropolis?  Rush hour is starting.  We were not going to be leaving for a while.  So we walked over to Trader Joes and meandered around the store.  We also talked to one of the workers about trying Wisconsin cheese while we were in Wisconsin.  She told us about a shop called the Mar's Cheese Castle and the fact they had the best cheese. 

At 6:30ish, we finally left Chicago and had some sluggish areas of travel.  Most of it was smooth traveling.  (We were glad we weren't traveling the other way because it looked a parking lot!)

The next day we rode a simple trolley ride around Kenosha, Wisconsin (2 mile loop) and asked the trolley driver the same question.  He named three places and Mars Cheese Castle was one of them.  I guess that's where we were going to go and get the cheese. 

It was located off of I-94 and not hard to find.  The reason was because of the big sign and a building shaped in a castle.  We went inside and found the cheese.  They were giving out free samples and I was in heaven.  I tried a horseradish cheese, beer and cheddar cheese, and other types.  Hubby left me in my happy place.  The man who was giving out the samples was very personable.  I also enjoyed listening to him discuss the different cheeses. 

After picking 3 different types of cheese, I wandered around the store looking at the different products they sold and the decorations that adorned the store.  It was a while spent hour!

Here are some pictures from our visit to a cheese castle.  (Oh and there was a geocache located there so Hubby was happy.)

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