Monday, July 16, 2012

90's Music Monday ~ Green Day

Many years ago, I was an adult leader for an explorer post through Boy Scouts. We went on many different excursions to places like Indiana for tobogganing and to Mammoth Cave for spelunking through the cave (yeah right I did that ~ I took the walking tour instead and saw a lady in high heels taking the tour?!?)

One of the excursions was not necessarily through the Explorer Post. The leader coordinated every year and there were other people who came along.

It was down in West Virginia at White Water Gorge and we were required to camp out something I don't do on a daily basis or weekly basis or ever. Hubby was in his element. Not me. The first time we went on the excursion, I was fine with the camping because we were on a small hill area. Rain and water rolls down the hill. You don't get so soaked if it rains. The second time we went on the excursion we traveled with my Father-in-Law and my pastor's son. We camped in at the bottom of the hill where water puddles up. Not a good experience when you: 1. Don't camp out and 2: Don't want to get all wet in your "living quarters."

It was pouring down raining and I was stuck in my tent with water creeping into my tent ready to get me. When I left the tent, they were no where to be found so I could seek refuge in our vehicle. As I wandered around the camp looking for them like a crazy person. Rain is pelting me and tears are flowing. I looked like one hot mess. Someone took pity on wet and irrational me and let me hang out in their camper until they showed back up.

A little while later, all three men pull up to the camp site, Hubby saunters over looking for me. As I ready to go off on him, he informs me that they were traveling all over that part of West Virginia trying to find me a hotel room so that I could sleep while dry. There was some sort of convention going on so they found only 1 room. I was going to be spending the night with 3 men in 1 hotel room. Interesting. Not only that this room had a whirl pool. Once we got to the hotel, I was a much better camper.

My father-in-law took the pull out couch in the room, pastor's son took the floor, and Hubby and I took the bed since we were married. Since that experience I've never White Water Rafted again.

Oh wait, why did I select this song and what does it have to do with White Water Rafting. While we were White Water Rafting, they take pictures of you. Yeah! I'm pretty sure they could see my tightly clenched butt checks holding onto the boat for dear life because I was NOT going to fall in the river. No way! This was the song they put the video collage of all the pictures.

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