Monday, July 23, 2012

90's music Monday ~ Gangsta's Paradise

Spring of '95, my mom decided I needed to interview for an internship to Walt Disney World. I was more than willing to interview. Right before my 20th birthday, I found out I was selected to go down in September of '95 through the beginning of January of '96. (I have lots of stories about those 4 months.)

I get down there and find out I was going to live in an apartment with people from other countries ~ Norway (Sandra), France (Celine), England (Lisa), Italy (Alessandra), and China. I also had a roommate from Arkansas (Kim). Celine was the one I was closest to in the apartment.

Since English was my native language and Gangsta Paradise was popular at that time, I was asked what the lyrics meant. I made up a lot of mess about the meaning because I really didn't know. Don't ask me what I told them because it was just plain old ramblings.

That rap was played in our apartment a lot! Maybe a little too much because I could probably hear that rap in my sleep.
Celine had her birthday in early November. She decided to have a dinner party in our apartment and invited me. Fortunately I invited two of my friends because all of the rest of the guests were French and spoke French. I didn't understand 1 word they were saying but we had a great time.

We played Gangsta Paradise and I decided to pose to "I'm an educated fool with money on my mind." with a bunch of money in my hand. Someone took a picture of me. Don't know where that picture is and fortunately it was before Facebook because it would have been posted on there.

Anytime I hear this rap, I'm reminded of my time in Walt Disney World and how carefree my life was. A time that I will never forget and will be proud of. There will be many more stories of my time down in the Mouse House.

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