Monday, July 30, 2012

90's Music Monday ~ Vanilla Ice

While in high school, I decided to help in the media center a.k.a library during my junior and senior year so I could get out of study hall.  Our media specialist's name was Mr. Grice.

Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" was a number 1 song during that time.  We used to call Mr. Grice "Grice Grice Baby Too Cold."

Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Cheese Castle???

So on Wednesday of our trip, we were getting ready to leave Chicago.  However it was 4:30 when we got back to the hotel to pick up our car.  Do you know what that means in a big metropolis?  Rush hour is starting.  We were not going to be leaving for a while.  So we walked over to Trader Joes and meandered around the store.  We also talked to one of the workers about trying Wisconsin cheese while we were in Wisconsin.  She told us about a shop called the Mar's Cheese Castle and the fact they had the best cheese. 

At 6:30ish, we finally left Chicago and had some sluggish areas of travel.  Most of it was smooth traveling.  (We were glad we weren't traveling the other way because it looked a parking lot!)

The next day we rode a simple trolley ride around Kenosha, Wisconsin (2 mile loop) and asked the trolley driver the same question.  He named three places and Mars Cheese Castle was one of them.  I guess that's where we were going to go and get the cheese. 

It was located off of I-94 and not hard to find.  The reason was because of the big sign and a building shaped in a castle.  We went inside and found the cheese.  They were giving out free samples and I was in heaven.  I tried a horseradish cheese, beer and cheddar cheese, and other types.  Hubby left me in my happy place.  The man who was giving out the samples was very personable.  I also enjoyed listening to him discuss the different cheeses. 

After picking 3 different types of cheese, I wandered around the store looking at the different products they sold and the decorations that adorned the store.  It was a while spent hour!

Here are some pictures from our visit to a cheese castle.  (Oh and there was a geocache located there so Hubby was happy.)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

How I stood on a ledge 1,353 feet in the air and survived

Hubby and I took our first vacation without the boys two years ago when we went to St. Louis, Missouri.  This year we decided to take a slightly longer vacation.  We traveled to Chicago, Wisconsin, and Iowa. 

While in Chicago, we decided to visit the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower).  It's the tallest sky scraper in Chicago.  Willis Tower is the tallest sky scraper in the Western Hemisphere and the 8th tallest in the world.  It has 110 floors and stands at a 1,450 feet tall.  People can visit the Skydeck which is 103rd floor in the building.

When Hubby and I got to the 103rd floor, we found the views remarkable.  You could see for miles and miles.  Hubby really wanted to stand on the sky deck's ledge which is a pexiglass box without one of the walls.  While standing on it, it's like you are standing in midair.  It is totally not my cup of tea.  Before deciding if I wanted to attempt to get on the ledge, I prayed to God that he protect over me.  I approached the ledge and timidly put my toes on the ledge.  Then an Asian lady motioned for me and handed me her camera.  She wanted me to take pictures in different areas of the ledge.  Before I knew it, I was on the ledge.  There was no going back because I had braved my fear of falling and stood on the ledge 1,353 feet in the air.  And I survived with a story to tell.

Here are some pictures.  Okay really it's like 20 pictures.  Enjoy the view!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Don't Forget the Requests

Today we had 7 boys and 4 girls in attendance who all participated in the children's message.

Pastor:  Have you ever been on a vacation?  Where did you go?

Oldest girl:  Michigan

Little Boy 1:  Massachusetts

Little Boy 2:  Aunt Andy's house.

Crazy 1:  Tomorrow mom and dad are going to Chicago and two other states.  (I guess Chicago is a state.)

Pastor continues on with his message.  For the past 3 Sundays, we have prayed for rain because of the drought the United States is experiencing this summer.  Pastor decided to pray for rain once more.

Know-It-All:  Every time it has rained, I keep saying "Pastor prayed for rain."

Crazy One:  Please pray for no storms that hurt anyone.

Little Boy 1:  Pray for no windstorms.

Little Boy 2:  Pray for rainbows.

(I was sitting in the back and didn't hear their exact words.  So I summarized what was said.)

Pastor prays for the rain but forgets the other requests.

Crazy One:  You forgot no storms.

After telling God that he wasn't finished, Pastor begins praying for gentle rain.

Little Boy 1:  Don't forget no windstorms.

Crazy One:  We lost our power for four hours.  (That was during the June 29th derecho.)

Pastor finally got all the requests in and I'm sure God had a little laugh up in heaven.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Forget Fashion From Paris

The boys had a simple task.  They were suppose to pack clothes.  Yeah, right!  Crazy One brought me random clothes that did not match.  I finally had to have him bring me his clothes' crates so I could do the task properly.

Know-It-All was way worse with his packing.  He came out with at least ten piles of random clothing and junk.  As I sorted through the mess, I found many pairs of jeans or nice pants, Hubby's clothes, shoes, my clothes, winter clothes, very few shorts, shirts, and some underwear.  Okay, the jeans and nice pants were not needed.  It's been record breaking heat around here.  He can't wear Hubby's or my clothes because well they can't fit.  Finally after about a million hours (okay not really that long), he was able to pack his clothes.

THEN they decided Crazy One needed to have a crazy fashion show.  He would come out with random clothes on.  And he found household items to use as accessories.  Each time he came out, his outfits were crazier and crazier.  Know-It-All was his fashion designer.  Finally Know-It-All got into the action.

His outfits were as outrageous as Crazy One.  Maybe even more so.  After their fashion show, they entertained us with a concert using various household items such as pans and toys as drums.  They also sang us made up songs such as "It's a Great Time" or "The Gibberish Song."

That was yesterday.  Today was a new day and they had another fashion show but not before Know-It-All decided to be the Underwear Bandit.  He goes around stealing people's underwear and will one day rule the WORLD!  

During today's fashion show, they took a film camera sans film and pretended to take pictures while the other one posed.  Too funny!

I love how they can be creative and use their imagination for a little fun.  Much better than watching TV which is one of the Crazy One's favorite activities. 

We were able to laugh which is good for the soul and create a memory.

Monday, July 23, 2012

90's music Monday ~ Gangsta's Paradise

Spring of '95, my mom decided I needed to interview for an internship to Walt Disney World. I was more than willing to interview. Right before my 20th birthday, I found out I was selected to go down in September of '95 through the beginning of January of '96. (I have lots of stories about those 4 months.)

I get down there and find out I was going to live in an apartment with people from other countries ~ Norway (Sandra), France (Celine), England (Lisa), Italy (Alessandra), and China. I also had a roommate from Arkansas (Kim). Celine was the one I was closest to in the apartment.

Since English was my native language and Gangsta Paradise was popular at that time, I was asked what the lyrics meant. I made up a lot of mess about the meaning because I really didn't know. Don't ask me what I told them because it was just plain old ramblings.

That rap was played in our apartment a lot! Maybe a little too much because I could probably hear that rap in my sleep.
Celine had her birthday in early November. She decided to have a dinner party in our apartment and invited me. Fortunately I invited two of my friends because all of the rest of the guests were French and spoke French. I didn't understand 1 word they were saying but we had a great time.

We played Gangsta Paradise and I decided to pose to "I'm an educated fool with money on my mind." with a bunch of money in my hand. Someone took a picture of me. Don't know where that picture is and fortunately it was before Facebook because it would have been posted on there.

Anytime I hear this rap, I'm reminded of my time in Walt Disney World and how carefree my life was. A time that I will never forget and will be proud of. There will be many more stories of my time down in the Mouse House.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Do you remember Dennis the Menace?

Meet Dennis the Menace, Jr.:

There are certain times Crazy One poses for pictures in a way that reminds of the comic strip character Dennis from Dennis the Menace.  (Click on the link to go to the official website of the comic strip.)

Ways he is similar to Dennis:
  1. They both love root beer.
  2. They are always finding ways to get dirty.
  3. Life is always interesting with Crazy One in it just like life is always interesting with Dennis.
  4. They both have freckles on their face.
  5. When Crazy One has longer hair, they both have cowlicks.
  6. They both like peanut butter.
There are a couple of ways Dennis and Crazy One are different:
  1. Dennis hates carrots, green beans, and spinach.  Crazy One will eat those three vegetables.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Meet Giraffey

This is one of Crazy One's MANY stuffed animals.  Yesterday he took her on one of our outings. During that time I learned:

  1. She is a girl.
  2. She is in kindergarten.
  3. When she is not with Crazy One, she is at giraffe school.
  4. Her birthday is Christmas Day.
  5. She'll be three years old.
Giraffey also got to ride on the carousel by herself while we were on our outing.  She also got into trouble at the model one room schoolroom at the park for being noisy and not following directions.

I'm so glad Crazy One has such a great imagination.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello, Mr. Sting Ray!

Another long lasting memory we created at the zoo involves the new Sting Ray Bay.  We got there at the right time because it was feeding time.  We were able to get a small container of feed for the boys so they could feed them.

Crazy One kept putting the small fish in the water and swishing it around.  Then a sting ray kept trying to get the fish.  Crazy One also kept dropping the fish into the water and then picking them up. 

The funniest one was Know-It-All's experience with feeding the sting ray.  This HUGE (at least as big as Crazy One's torso) sting ray came up to him.  He kept dropping the fish and picking it up.  The sting ray was going to get that fish no matter what.  Mr. Sting Ray almost came flying out of the tank trying to get the fish from Know-It-All.  Finally after a long struggle, Mr. Sting Ray captured his prey.

The smile on Know-It-All's face was priceless.  I know he will have memories of feeding a sting ray for a long time.  Just this experience was worth the admission to the zoo.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Don't have game night with the boys unless . . .

you are immune to headaches, an alien or zombie, or have an adult drink because there is lots of
  1. Cheating
  2. Yelling
  3. Moving Around
  4. Fart Dust Cropping
  5. Cheating
  6. Bossiness
  7. Fit Throwing
  8. Did I say cheating?
  9. Laughing
  10. Making up their own rules
  11. Sore losers
  12. Cheating
I really love the boys but it is always interesting when we have game nights.

Don't have a staring contest with a snake . . .

Know-It-All's birthday was last week.  He got to pick what he wanted to do to celebrate his birthday.  However, he couldn't decide what he wanted to do.  "I don't know," was his answer.  Finally I suggested the zoo because he could learn new information about animals there.  "Yeah!" was his response so we were getting somewhere.

Hubby was suppose to work but got the day off!  It was nice to have a family outing because we were able to bond and create long lasting memories.

This is one of these memories. . .  Crazy One is into staring contests.  He tries to have them with hot dogs (true story), flamingos, lizards, and bearded dragons.  When we went to an animal encounters show about snakes, they asked for a volunteer for a staring contest with a snake.  NO ONE raised their hand to volunteer (I wonder why) so I raised Crazy One's hand.  He seriously tried to have the staring contest with the ball python.  However he wasn't told this one fact, snakes don't have eyelids instead they have translucent membranes that cover the eyeballs.

He was not going to win that contest at all.  Then they brought out a glass lizard (looks like a snake) and he won the staring contest with the glass lizard.  Sweet!

(Glass lizards were used in Indiana Jones when he was in the pit of snakes.  Cool little fact!)

(The first picture is him having the staring contest with the ball python.  The second picture is him having a staring contest with the glass lizard.)

90's Music Monday ~ Green Day

Many years ago, I was an adult leader for an explorer post through Boy Scouts. We went on many different excursions to places like Indiana for tobogganing and to Mammoth Cave for spelunking through the cave (yeah right I did that ~ I took the walking tour instead and saw a lady in high heels taking the tour?!?)

One of the excursions was not necessarily through the Explorer Post. The leader coordinated every year and there were other people who came along.

It was down in West Virginia at White Water Gorge and we were required to camp out something I don't do on a daily basis or weekly basis or ever. Hubby was in his element. Not me. The first time we went on the excursion, I was fine with the camping because we were on a small hill area. Rain and water rolls down the hill. You don't get so soaked if it rains. The second time we went on the excursion we traveled with my Father-in-Law and my pastor's son. We camped in at the bottom of the hill where water puddles up. Not a good experience when you: 1. Don't camp out and 2: Don't want to get all wet in your "living quarters."

It was pouring down raining and I was stuck in my tent with water creeping into my tent ready to get me. When I left the tent, they were no where to be found so I could seek refuge in our vehicle. As I wandered around the camp looking for them like a crazy person. Rain is pelting me and tears are flowing. I looked like one hot mess. Someone took pity on wet and irrational me and let me hang out in their camper until they showed back up.

A little while later, all three men pull up to the camp site, Hubby saunters over looking for me. As I ready to go off on him, he informs me that they were traveling all over that part of West Virginia trying to find me a hotel room so that I could sleep while dry. There was some sort of convention going on so they found only 1 room. I was going to be spending the night with 3 men in 1 hotel room. Interesting. Not only that this room had a whirl pool. Once we got to the hotel, I was a much better camper.

My father-in-law took the pull out couch in the room, pastor's son took the floor, and Hubby and I took the bed since we were married. Since that experience I've never White Water Rafted again.

Oh wait, why did I select this song and what does it have to do with White Water Rafting. While we were White Water Rafting, they take pictures of you. Yeah! I'm pretty sure they could see my tightly clenched butt checks holding onto the boat for dear life because I was NOT going to fall in the river. No way! This was the song they put the video collage of all the pictures.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

How to Interrupt Church

Hubby is in charge of the acolytes at church. Today he looks at the bulletin and notices the child who was supposed to acolyte wasn't there. So he looks around the room while another teen was covering his face with his bulletin to avoid being asked to acolyte. Finally he decides Know-it-All was finally old enough to acolyte so he quickly trains him.

Meanwhile Crazy One has been wiggling a very loose tooth. It's about ready just to fall out. His aunt kept telling him that she was going to pull it out. And if he wasn't going to let her to do that, he just needed pull it out.

First hymn starts and Know-It-All walks up the aisle to the altar. Once he start lighting the candles, Crazy One decides it time to pull that tooth out. He walks up to me with a bloody mouth and a tooth in his hand. I did not get to finish watching Know-It-All light the altar candles because I needed to get Crazy One to the bathroom.  I told Crazy One to come with me. Instead he sat down at his seat while cleaning his mouth off with his clean polo shirt.

Finally I get him to the bathroom and helped clean up. I handed him a wet paper towel and told him to suck on it so that he could get all the blood cleaned out of his mouth. He told me no because he would look like a weirdo. We compromised with a handful of dry paper towels.

All the while, I'm holding said tooth in my hand and trying to figure out what I was going to do with it. Then I remembered I had a change area in my purse so I put it in there for safe keeping. Otherwise I would have to hold it during the rest of church.

Back to Know-It-All and his acolyting (is that even a word?), he did great on half of the holding the basket for the communion cups. Then he stood in front of his cousins for the other half. He decided he was going to start miming drinking communion wine/grape juice and throwing the cup into the basket. So much for being reverent during communion.

The rest of the church went smooth. It was just those few moments that church was interrupted. Maybe not for everyone. But it was for me.

Characters in my Life (aka my Family)

I created this blog a while ago but haven't done anything with it. So I decided to start blogging on it. Let me introduce you my family.

First of all is Hubby. He's a child at heart who has decided that he is going to be 39 years old until he is a grandpa which is going to be for a long time (if I have any say in it). He loves to show people how he can still do a handstand at his age.

Then there's my oldest. On my cooking blog, he is known as the Imaginative One but in this blog I think I'll call him the Know-It-All. He is my avid reader and loves to learn about everything and anything. Give him a book or money and he's happy.

Next there's my youngest. On my cooking blog, he's known as the Wee One but in this blog he's going to be known as Crazy One. He likes to have everything go his way and if it doesn't go his way then there is a fit to be had. He loves tv (way too much), my Nook so he can play Angry Birds, my phone, Hot Wheels, and Angry Birds.

Lastly is my dog, Dobby, aka Dumb Dog. He's almost eight years old. He is a forever puppy who is fiercely protective of me. If we are walking and Know-It-All or Crazy One is walking him, he will stop in his tracks and refused to move until I am right next to him. He loves walks and car rides.